Bought a new Venus flytrap for my desk. Adam has already fed it a sacrificial moth. 🌿

The leatherback sea turtle is the largest of all sea turtles, and one of the largest reptiles on earth. Leatherbacks don’t have the crushing chewing plates characteristic of other sea turtles that feed on hard-bodied prey. They have downward curving spines (also known as papillae) in their mouth and throat(bottom photo) which help them to capture and swallow their prey.

Animal skulls covered in salt after being submerged in Lake Assal. Lake Assal, located in east-central Djibouti, is the largest hypersaline water body in Africa. This crater lake is classified as a thalassohaline body, meaning it is dominated by sodium and chloride, reflecting the ionic composition of ocean waters; Lake Assal is an endorheic basin, meaning it has no flow outlet, so that salinity is concentrated as massive evaporation proceeds in this hot arid climate.
Photo credit: Trevor Parker


Falabella Stallion Ciuciu
Karolina Gmochowska Photography